The Tulikivi fireplace – a short introduction

There is enough contemporary design, technology and engineering skill to be found in Tulikivi fi replaces to provide material for hundreds of pages. We would, however, like to save you time by gathering together all the finest points of Tulikivi’s fireplaces on this page. If you are considering buying a new fireplace, it’s worthwhile reading these lines carefully.

A Tulikivi Heat-Retaining Fireplace is a Veritable Powerhouse of Heat

Soapstone seems born for the fireplace, and Tulikivi is a magnifi cent soapstone fireplace. The magic of a heat-retaining Tulikivi fireplace is based on the excellent thermal conductivity and the heat retaining properties of soapstone. Together with its high specific gravity, these properties ensure exceptional heating efficiency, and that heat will be radiated for a long period of time. Firewood burns quickly and efficiently in the firebox and the solid mass of the fireplace rapidly stores the heat. A couple of loads of wood are sufficient to heat any room, and heat will be radiated for over 24 hours. And so a Tulikivi fireplace does not waste heat or wood like a normal stove or open fireplace, which have to be continually fed to keep thefi re burning.

The Heat from a Tulikivi Fireplace is Soft and Gentle, It Does Not Burn

You might not believe it, but there are different kinds of heat. The radiant heat generated by soapstone is pleasant and also efficient at warming the room. A Tulikivi fireplace emits heat evenly over the whole room, which remains pleasantly warm for a long time. The heat also feels lovingly soft. A Tulikivi fireplace will not burn the air leaving it dry and stuffy. On the contrary, the air will remain fresh. This is how radiant heat differs favorably from the harsh convection heat from a traditional stove. Because a Tulikivi fireplace is not short-tempered and fiery, you can even lean against the side of the fireplace and tap your fingers on it. Many people remember the nostalgic scent of a wood-burning Tulikivi fireplace – it’s hard to put the feeling into words.

Tulikivi firebox
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Tulikivi Radient Heat
Convection Heat
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