Soapstone Tile, Countertops & Sinks

Those of you that already own a Tulikivi are already familiar with the unique characteristics of soapstone, particularly its capacity to store and radiate heat. Formed miles below the surface of the earth, soapstone consists mainly of talc and magnesite. The talc content makes it easy to carve and work with, and the magnesite makes the stone very tough - even tougher than concrete. Because it resists acids and is so durable, soapstone is practical for stoves, and also for countertops, sinks, and even floor paving. At the same time, it is quite beautiful: The elegant look and smooth feel of soapstone means it is not only servicable, but also a welcome decorative addition to the home.

One good way to enhance the warming capacity of a soapstone stove is to use soapstone tiles as a wall or floor surfacing. The tiles are excellent for hearths and for facing wall areas around a stove, as well as for stairs, column facings, and indoor window sills. Since they are water-resistant and not slippery when wet, soapstone tiles are also a good choice for flooring in entrance halls, bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens. A Tulikivi floor is virtually noiseless, and extremely energy efficient because the stone absorbs and radiates heat in the same manner as a stove. As weather-resistant natural stone, soapstone works well for paving on outdoor surfaces such as terraces and patios.

Facts on Tile
Tulikivi soapstone tiles are manufactured from the same soapstone used for Tulikivi fireplaces. The standard finish is water-sanded, but diamond calibrated, sandblasted, and rough-faced tile can also be special ordered. Soapstone tiles are installed in the same manner as ceramic tiles; laid over a flat base with tile plaster or tile grout. They are fitted using a 2 to 3 mm gap and finished with normal gap grout. (Excess grout should be wiped away immediately before it has time to dry and stick to the stone.) Wiping with a damp mop or cloth is fine for routine cleaning and care. For more information on soapstone tiles and how to install them, contact us.

Soapstone Tile

Mountain Flame, Inc. uses only the highest quality soapstone in all our countertop and sink fabrication.


Soapstone Countertop

Photo by Douglas Baz

Our highly experienced fabricating shop has been producing sinks and countertops for over 15 years and can customize your sinks and counters to your design. In addition, our fabricators install all their own work to ensure you the finest quality installation.

Soapstone is a very durable and low-maintenance countertop. Contrary to popular belief, it is non porous and chemically neutral. It has been used in schools for lab tops for many years.

Soapstone Countertop

Soapstone Countertop

After your initial oiling with non-toxic mineral oil, soapstone typically needs oiling once a month. Minor scratches can be removed with a light sanding.

The overall effect of soapstone countertop in your kitchen or bathroom is a beautiful soft silky sheen that is more adaptable to all types of décor than the high gloss look of other stones.

If you would like more information on Soapstone Tile or Soapstone Countertops, please call us at 800-250-6485 or e-mail info@mountainflame.com