Warmth to wake vitality
The origin and condition of all life on our planet is the radiating warmth of the sun. In winter when the sun's rays are scarcer, life in nature comes virtually to a standstill. Plants do not grow any more, animals hibernate. In earlier times people used to warm themselves around a wood fire, at stone or clay ovens. They got what the sun did not give any more - life dispensing heat which also comes from a TULIKIVI oven.

Burning up your health
Modern heating systems produce convection heat which is damaging to the human organism in the long term. It increases the air turnover. Increased amounts of dust and bacteria are circulated in the air and the proportion of damaging positive ions in the air rises. A negative "heat radiation gap" originates between the individual and the cool wall spaces. The radiant heat of the TULIKIVI ovens penetrates the air, irrespective of its temperature, generating scarcely any air movement. It impacts the skin directly, incites transpiration, so protecting the skin from drying out. A cosy feeling of warmth results. It is astonishing then, that more and more new heating systems have been developed to produce damaging convection heat. The fire has been banished to the cellar. And even when it is still allowed in the living room, in the open fireplace, it is for decorative purposes only.

Source of strength and vitality
In the cool season, when the sun appears rarely and far too weakly, people suffer from the lack of radiant heat. Many elements of the sun's radiation are extraordinarily important for the human organism. For example, it helps the body build up vitamin D and a whole host of hormones. The mild radiated heat of a TULIKIVI oven can compensate for the lack of sun in the winter. It stimulates the flow of blood to the skin and reduces peripheral circulation problems. The blood vessels become larger, the circulation improves, blood pressure and metabolism can move back to normal.

This is particularly good for people who suffer from high blood pressure. The mild infrared radiation which the TULIKIVI oven stone emits is thus known as "healing warmth". It is a natural source of energy and vitality.

Convection Heat
Heat which is carried away by a flow of air. The most unhealthy type of heat. Air movement over 0.4 m/s.

Radiant Heat
Heat which is radiated, warming the body directly rather than circulating the air. Air movement under 0.1 m/s.

Sun's Radiation
Individual components of the sun's radiation are vital. The healthy, healing, infrared radiation which is emitted is similar to the agreeable effect of the sun.

Conserving Resources